"A fascinating character, and a restless artist...with both mastery and a (wonderful) lack of scruples…an artist ready and willing to do anything (except take the easy way out).” RUTA 66
"...instantly seductive rhythms that stand out from anything else currently emanating from our loudspeakers….addictively hypnotic music..." JAZZTHETIK
"... a rebel, and unrepentant pioneer capable of touching the innermost reaches of any heart or mind with his powerful poetry. An artist before whom we simply have no choice but to bow down. Exceptional!" SOUNDANALYSE
"....a gem…a marvellous creature, a cult symbol...." LA VANGUARDIA
"....if it doesn’t move you, then you must be dead...." ROCKAXIS
"....A musical explosion...powerful rhythms...." KIELER NACHRICHTEN
"....breathtaking spectacle...." SUBWAY MAGAZIN
"....Furious, cool and totally poetic...." WOLFSBURGER NACHRICHTEN
"....compelling, expressive and authentic music...." ECKERNFÖRDER ZEITUNG
"....a first class artist...." VIA X


Whenever adjectives like "advanced", "crossover" or "retro-futuristic" are applied on the music circuit, one artist is always included in the list: Chilean singer/songwriter and guitaristDaniel Puente Encina.

He mixes the impossible in such an original way that it defies labeling. The work of this brilliant composer arises from a melting pot of the most varied musical influences, with references even from the movie world, for example, in FATIH AKIN's movies. Since he left his mark on music history by creating extremely varied music projects, Daniel has become a cult symbol in international music scenes.

He was awarded with The Lukas 2019, (Latin UK Awards), Runner Up en la categoría "Jazz/Folk Act of the Year", the John Lennon Talent Award for Niños Con Bombas in 1995 and his song "Behind de mi House" from the album "Radical Car Dance" by Polvorosa was included on the compilation album "Los Videos Mas Espectaculares" (The Most Spectacular Videos) by MTV Spain in 2004. Since 2012 Daniel Puente Encina has been producing and performing music under his own name. His minimal Caribbean-Blues album "Disparo" (Shot) was followed by the cosmopolitan and orchestral "Chocolate Con Ají" (Chocolate with Chili) in 2014.

Sangre y Sal (Blood and Salt), is his third solo album. This time, he is accompanied by the young Mexican criolla guitar maestro guitarist Carlos Corona, Brazilian bassist Trigo Santana (Young Musicians Award 2007), Afro-Peruvian cajón virtuosa Laura Robles and renowned multi-percussionists Daniel "Topo" Gioia from Argentina, Latin Jazz percussionist Matteo Bowinkelmann from Germany, as well as German trombonist Jörg Bücheler and Japanese saxophonist Han Sato.